I gotta focus more on the “bitch” and less on the “fat”

Street art during my NYC trip

I started this blog as a weight loss blog. I figured, “I’ll post fun little anecdotes about eating healthy!” or “Look at me, trying to exercise, how funny!” and it would make for a super compelling blog.

What I forgot though, is that weight loss is often a slog. It’s repetitive. It’s eating greens and meat and Not Cake and it’s not honestly that interesting. Which I think is why I’ve been so hesitant to blog. Because it’s like, okay cool, I made a thing in the crock pot. My scale went down. But then damn! It went back up. What the hell, scale? It’s monotonous, it’s a journey, not a destination. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Blah blah blah.

So I have a new goal for this blog: It’s going to be a journey of self-discovery. It’s going to be about me facing my fears, addressing my character weaknesses, Making A Bucket List, all that self-actualization shit that make people better. It’ll be about losing weight (I still have a lot of that to do) but it will also be about me addressing all of those things in my nature that I want to change.

Will it be interesting? Maybe not! Am I doing it anyway? You betcha!

But anyway, what have I been up to since I last posted, asks nobody? Well, I went to New York City. It was super fun, but my diet went OFF. THE. RAILS. Like, not even just in New York. The few weeks leading up to New York, I was like “who tf cares about dieting right now, since I’m going to New York anyway?” Which is a super shitty mindset, but that’s what happened.

New York was great. I got to see all the sights. It was extra crazy because I went by myself, so I got to do exactly what I wanted and didn’t have to wait for my lovely but old ass relatives to decide they’re done napping before we get on a subway and just ride, baby. I got to see some of the typical touristy things, like the 9/11 Museum (sad), Rockefeller Plaza (tall), and the Statue of Liberty (green).

Pink street art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

But I also got to go off-roading a bit, which was cool. I explored Williamsburg, Coney Island, and saw a Stephen Colbert taping. My favorite part was the food, the architecture, and the amazong street art. All in all it was a great trip. Now I’m focused on getting my life in order, getting back on Whole 30, and losing the stupid-ass weight I managed to gain back during my weight loss derailment.

Any advice you all have about getting back on the horse, I’ll take it 🙂

Honestly I don’t remember which building this was. But it’s shiny, so that’s cool.

Start weight: 415

Current weight: 364.5


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