Big Burger, Small Rant

So today I went kind of off the rails in terms of my eating. My roommate agreed to dogsit for these giant boofs, and one insisted on borking the entire time I was trying to sleep. At one point I broke down in angry sobs and ate all the rest of the ice cream we had in the house. Was it mature? No. Did it happen? Yes.

Anyway, I was tired and grumpy and used that as an excuse to not go get groceries like I should have and ate at my old vice: Carl’s Jr. Instead of getting the Guacamole Bacon Burger with a milkshake, I got the Guacamole Bacon Burger without the milkshake. Because HEALTH RIGHT?

No but seriously. I don’t know how I ate like this, every day. Not only was it $11.00 for almost no nutrients, it gave me a terrible stomachache. But at least I still logged my calories, and I’m determined to do better from here on out. You can make mistakes and learn from them, right? Here’s to moderation and maturity in the face of poor decisions!



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