50 pounds down!

As of today, I’m officially down 51 pounds and some change. DOPEEEE. It’s weird though. I told a couple of people about this today, which was kind of a first for me. A few of the people I’m close to know I’m losing weight, but I’ve been kinda quiet about it. However, when I told the people today that I made the 50 pound mark, I got the response I was fearing and expecting: awkward silence and confusion.

Because you know what? I’m still really fucking fat. Going from 415 pounds to 365 pounds is like going from being $200,000 in debt to $150,000 in debt. It’s still a lot of fucking debt. And it kinda felt like the people I told looked at me and were like, “… really? Are you sure? Because we’re still looking at a giant huge person.”

And I guess in a lot of ways, it echoed my own thoughts about my weight loss. I physically see the difference on the scale, but I don’t feel that much different. A lot of the weight I had gained in the past year had occurred rapidly after taking anti-anxiety medications that made me painfully ravenous. I went from ~355-360 to well over 400 pounds in a matter of two months. And being over 400 pounds is sorta like being dead. I expected to have a heart attack at any moment. My heart literally hurt, all the time.

Which I suppose leads me to a mini-realization: I’ve lost 50 pounds, but I’m still really fat. My victories are going to need to be of the non-scale variety for the time being. But here are a few victories I’ve experienced during my weight loss thus far:

  • I don’t wake up most mornings with sleep apnea-induced migraines. Before I started losing weight, I would go to sleep worried that I just wouldn’t wake up. My sleeping was bad, I would wake up choking and gasping for air. I just expected to get the migraines, every single day. I still get occasional migraines, but they’re no longer a given and they’re actually becoming pretty rare.
  • Like I mentioned above, my heart no longer hurts, like, all the time. I don’t really have constant chest pain anymore. As I reflect back, how the fuck did I live like that for so long?
  • My clothes are STARTING to get looser. When you’re over 400 pounds, even plus size stores don’t cut it. Plus clothes are super fucking expensive. I pretty much only wore Walmart clothing, and eeeeeverything I have is stretchy. That being said, my clothes are barely (just barely) starting to become looser. Also, yesterday I was able to try on (and fit!) a 3x coat at Target. I definitely know that wouldn’t have happened even a few months ago.
  • I’m seeing (and expecting to see) the scale going down. I’ve been fat my whole life, since I was a little kid. I’ve never actually achieved or maintained any sort of weight loss. Tracking my food and exercise as well as weight makes me feel in control, and like weight loss is a true possibility, not some sort of mythical magic spell.
  • I can touch my toes again! There was a period of time where I couldn’t. But I can again, and that’s cool.
  • My constant lower back pain is gone. Even short walks used to be painful. Not anymore.
  • My plantar fasciitis no longer hurts 100% of the time.
  • Heartburn has almost completely gone away.
  • My energy is up. Before I could barely go to the store, and I slept like 12 hours a day or more (probably because I stopped breathing in my sleep?). Now I can do all the errands, go to the gym, play with my dog, do all the things! Fuck yeah, things.

So yeah, 50 pounds is cool. I’m hoping to start noticing my clothes getting looser soon. I think a big part of that will be more consistently incorporating the gym.

Start Weight: 415

Current Weight: 363.3


3 thoughts on “50 pounds down!

  1. “Tracking my food and exercise as well as weight makes me feel in control, and like weight loss is a true possibility, not some sort of mythical magic spell.”

    In just the few days I’ve been tracking what I eat and starting to exercise (again) … I feel like I starting to gain some control over my life.

    Thanks for sharing … !!


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