33.4 pounds down!

So I finished 29 of the 30 days of my last Whole 30! I was down an entire 39 pounds, what what! But we decided to finish our Whole 30 by getting pizza. HUGE mistake. HUGE.

First of all, it wasn’t a cheat meal. It was more like a cheat parade, with cheat dancers and giant cheat parade balloons bouncing through the sky. I ate literally everything I could think of. Pop Tarts, chips, cookies, McDonalds, ice cream. I mean, I went fucking nuts. And the weird thing was, I wasn’t necessarily enjoying it. I was just doing it. I figured, if I already felt sick, why not just go for it?

And sick I was. After our pizza soiree, I had a horrible stomach pain that lasted three days. Yay! I almost went to the doctor at one point because I was like, “Is this death? Is this how I die? By pizza?”

And in typical fashion, my cheat “day” lasted several days. And I returned to my usual, pre-Whole 30 lifestyle. Because that’s how it always goes. I never realize how fucking much I eat until I’m eating well. I’m talking, like, fast food for every meal. I also noticed that my energy was DESTROYED. It’s hard to describe but on Whole 30 it feels like my body is creating its own energy, but off Whole 30, it feels like I have to get my energy from food, and that energy is so short lived. The first night I went off my Whole 30 it felt like I could barely stay awake. I was just so tired.

So I’m back on Whole 30, which is so hard but so good. The first few days feel like shit, but not nearly as bad as I feel when I just eat whatever the fuck I want. Weight loss is such a roller coaster, but it’s also a fantastic way to learn about myself and my body.

I realized that, when I’m not eating well:

  • I have to eat constantly just to have any energy
  • I’m super tired all the time and I wake up with horrible headaches. Like, every day.
  • I used to drink crazy amounts of coffee just to counteract all the sugar crashes I experienced with my mostly-carb lifestyle
  • I ache all the time, and I have a near constant tummyache
  • I will NOT eat well if I don’t have “Whole 30” to fall back on. The amount of social pressure there is to eat unhealthy or drink (especially alcohol) is completely ridiculous, and I never noticed it when I just gave into it.
  • I have a feeling of hopelessness about my health. If I’m even cheating a little, I feel very “oh well, fuck it” about my health and just go hog wild (literally)

When I AM eating well:

  • My energy is much higher
  • I sleep so much better
  • I feel lighter and more active
  • I cook for 99% of my meals
  • I don’t feel like I’m constantly trying to find food or energy
  • I save so much money on not eating fast food for every meal (ranging from $8-$25 a meal, sometimes more)
  • I sometimes get bored of not having something to snack on, which sucks, but I’ve been trying to drink more water and tea, or chomp on carrots.

Start weight: 415

Current weight: 381.6