26 pounds GONE

So I weighed myself for the first time since starting Whole 30 again. My initial starting weight was 414.8 pounds – whaaaaaaat so fat. 

Anyway, after my first stint with Whole 30 I lost 21 pounds! But then I went crazy and likely gained several pounds back because I was eating Carls Jr. for every meal because I’m a fuuuuucking idiot.

But I’m back on Whole 30, and have been for the past 9 days, and I’m down to 388.5. I still have a long ass way to go, but it’s nice to actually see progress.

I love Whole 30. You only eat healthy, natural foods, you’re never hungry and you lose weight like a motherfuckin’ machine. I need to drink more water, that’s my biggest issue right now, but other than that I feel GOOD! Like, more energy, less headaches, more overall happiness. It’s awesome.

I haven’t been craving that bad either. I made a giant thing of stew and I’ve been eating that with my roommate, so that’s been helping with the hunger. The stew is beef, vegetables, sweet potatoes, and spices. And it’s delicious. I took a picture of it to share on the blog, but I accidentally deleted it so I included a picture of my dogs begging for my apple like little British orphans.

So yeah, yay for weight loss!


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