Whole 30 Update – Day 5

This is my second Whole 30 stint. Technically my last Whole 30 back in June/July was more of a Whole 27.5 because by the end of it, I was like “fuck this, I need cheese.” But it was an incredibly enlightening experience. Not only did I lose about 21 pounds, I learned a lot about my connection to food and my body/energy/emotions. 21 pounds in 27.5 days is significant, especially since I was unconsciously determined to fuck it up as much as possible by eating the foods that I should have been limiting (like fruits, nuts, and fruits). But what was extra neat-o about that weight loss was those 21 pounds were the only actual weight loss I’ve ever accomplished. I hadn’t been able to stick to any other plan/program/lifestyle change prior to Whole 30. So that was cool.

So my roommate and I are back at it again, and honestly it’s a lot easier this time. I’ve seen results before so that’s motivating. I feel like I went into it knowing that I was going to feel like death some days, and like a happy little baby cherub other days. And so far I’ve mostly been feeling great. I like the structure of Whole 30 because I don’t feel like I’m constantly trying to figure out what to eat, when to eat, where to eat, how much to eat, etc., which actually consumes a lot of my non-Whole 30 time and energy.

When I’m not on Whole 30, my thinking goes like this: “I should go get coffee. I’m hungry. I can get a pastry at Starbucks, but I’m hungrier than just a pastry. I’ll go get coffee, and then I’ll go get breakfast somewhere. Except it’s more like lunch time, so I’ll go get a pizza at Pizza Studio. And coffee. And probably a pastry too because fuck it who cares.” Spoiler alert: I always get the fucking pastry.

When I’m on Whole 30: “I’m hungry. I should go ge- wait, no. I’ll make eggs. Hunger solved.”

Honestly it’s such a paradigm shift. I just need to work on developing these habits all the time. I’m such an all-or-nothing person, I either eat perfectly or I eat like a black hole, sucking errant planets and stars and carbs into my gravitational bottomless pit. That’s an exaggeration! But not really though.

So yeah, so far I feel great. I don’t feel hunger often. I’ve mostly been eating eggs, meat, apples, vegetables, sausages (Whole 30 approved, of course), and black coffee. It really is a relief to go out in the community and not feel like I’m constantly looking for, thinking about or plotting my next meal. My plan is to do a Whole 90 if I can swing it, but I’m just starting with the Whole 30 and not overwhelming myself (yet).


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