Side Hustles that have Actually Worked for Me

I read a lot of personal finance blogs, and a lot of them reference the mysterious “side hustle”. When I was first starting out, these things seemed mythical and improbable. I’d download an app and make $.25 after three hours of work, or I’d download a search engine that promised to generate income through searches, or I’d try the Amazon Mechanical Turk and I’d get so confused that I’d nope the hell out of there pretty fast. In college I even tried being a ChaCha guide, answering text-based questions for their customers but I never actually made a cent, go figure. A lot of companies promise “passive income”, but then it turns out to be nothing but a scam, or a simply a waste of time. I have found three fantastic side hustles that do, in fact, generate income for me on a regular basis, and they might work for you as well.

The Hustle: Selling Designs online

How much I’ve made: $1158.70 in a year

There are a lot of websites out there that allow artists to upload their designs and sell those designs on their products. The great part is that it’s very passive income. Once you upload your design, customers can choose which product they’d like to purchase with the design. I’ve sold stickers, pillows, t-shirts, art prints, etc. And what’s great is, the company does all the actual product creation, shipment and billing. The only downside is, as an artist you only make ~25-30% of the profit. So I’ll sell a shirt for ~35.00 and get to keep about $5.00. But, at the end of the day, I’d rather smaller profit margins and less actual work. Ain’t nobody got time to be screen-printing shirts all day.

Website: Threadless, Society6, Redbubble


The Hustle: Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz Host

How much I’ve made: $1407.03 in 9 months (plus ~800.00 in bar tabs and tips)

I’m a very outgoing person who happens to love public speaking, so I get that this side hustle might not be for everyone. My roommate and I started going to Geeks Who Drink last year and adored it. We loved the comradery and the geeky fun, so when our local host announced that they were looking to hire, we both auditioned and became hosts. It’s a great way to meet people, and each hosting gig comes with a flat rate and a bar tab. Plus, it opens you up to other possibilities for hosting community events. This previous month I was approached by my local library to host a paid event for their Banned Book week, and my roommate’s hosting was actually a foot in the door to her current job, which she loves. Again, hosting trivia is not for everyone, but if you’re an outgoing nerdlet, it’s worth checking out.

Website: Geeks Who Drink


The Hustle: Writing for my local alternative newspaper

How much I’ve made: Not that much, it’s pretty new!

So I actually have recently started writing for my local alt press here in Anchorage. I’ve only submitted a few articles, but each one netted me $75.00, which isn’t bad for an hour or two of my time! Plus writing is something I enjoy, and their pretty lenient about creative content (aka letting me put stupid jokes in my articles). I imagine each city has its own alternative press that relies on its readers for content, check out your local indie/alt paper!

Website: Each city is different, google that shit.


Please let me know if you have any side hustles that have worked for you!


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