A Confession

I have a confession to make, private blog that nobody reads. I, Kate, am a garbage person. I am not to be trusted with even the most basic of things. Here’s a short list of the things with which I should not be entrusted:

  • Anything
  • Things
  • Important things
  • Basic things
  • All things

Most especially of all these things, I should not be trusted to use my best judgment in terms of food. Since the inception of this blog, I decided to take a “common sense” approach to eating and health, which has been utter bullshit past few days because my “common sense” has included cake, ice cream, french fries, and other bad, awful foods.

You know what’s frustrating? Knowing what you should do, and absolutely refusing to do it. I know what I should do. I should go to the gym, and work out, and eat healthy foods. But I’m not. and I’m angry at myself. And I’m angry that all of my “in the moment” decisions are bad decisions.

Here’s a Case-In-Point for you: yesterday I went to pub quiz with some friends. It was fun. I ordered a steak salad. It was delicious and healthy(ish). But then, on the way home, my ass stops for ice cream. You know why? I. Can. Not. Be. Trusted.

Which is why I’m outlining my food criteria here on this blog for all of my readers (just me) to see. The only diet that has ever worked for me in the past was the Whole 30 diet. I lost 21 pounds in 30 days. And I think the only reason it worked was because my roommate was doing it with me and keeping me accountable. But you know what? My roommate is a skinny bitch who don’t need to diet because she’s like 25 pounds, so I have to do this shit on my own. Which is fine. Because I have all my readers (me).

So here’s my diet. Starting right now (well, technically 10:55 PM yesterday) I will eat nothing but:

  • meat
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • certain nuts
  • limited dairy

So basically Whole 30 plus some dairy. I’ve done it before. It was hard! I can do it again! I’m harder.

I guess growing as a person requires learning what does and doesn’t work for me. I realize that using my “best judgment” in the moment isn’t working for me. Whole 30 has worked for me in the past. No accountability doesn’t work for me. Maybe this blog will act as accountability, and that might work for me. I’ll report back tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “A Confession

  1. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who loves Game of Thrones :). You can also say someone does read your blog now Kate. I’m new to WordPress and in my search for weight loss blogs yours came up.

    Losing weight will always have ups and downs. I love to bake and I have 100lbs to lose; imagine what I go through anytime I bake for friends and have to struggle with a cookie. I’ve heard about the Whole 30 but haven’t really tried it. Hope it works for you.

    Cheers and good luck.


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