Ups and Downs

So today was a pretty stressful day. It started out okay, despite some residual negativity from the past two weeks attempting to mentally drag me down, but I! Didn’t! Let it! Except for a little bit I did, but whatever.

Anyway, I went grocery shopping! To buy healthy foods! One of the biggest pitfalls I have with healthy eating is grocery shopping. I hate it so much. Plus, one of the fun things about living in Alaska is that almost all of our produce is already wilted and molding in the store. So half of the grocery time is spent wading through spoiled vegetables, and the other half is deciding which organ you’re going to sell in order to afford the healthy foods. The appendix isn’t really necessary, right? I could survive with out it. Plus, I would already be closer to my goal weight without all of that unnecessary appendix weight dragging me down.

Anyway, I get home and throw on some Game of Thrones while I’m cooking. I just started season 3, which I hear is so intense from everybody. I decided to make beef mixed with pearl onions, garlic and zucchini. Now, mind you, cooking is not my forte. In fact, up until recently, I’ve never really cooked. I’m afraid of raw meat, and I have a tendency to turn all of my meat products into jerky in an attempt at not getting salmonella. Nothing says “I hate cooking, this is stupid, I’m ordering pizza” quite like shriveled chicken breasts that have taken on the texture (and taste) of old drywall. Following instructions also isn’t my forte, and I have a tendency to double cooking times. “These pork chops say 350 degrees for 20 minutes? How about ALL OF THE DEGREES for AN HOUR?” That, and I get distracted, leaving most of my food to burn.

Which is absolutely what happened today. I managed to simultaneously burn and undercook my meal. Between getting absorbed into Westeros drama and my poor timing, I had tough chewy beef and undercooked zucchini. Whatever, it still tasted good (and by that I mean, it still tasted like garlic).

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

I added a filter to make this meal look less disgusting. It didn’t work!

Any ways, weight loss is a process, right? I’m trying, and not every meal will be great. But at least I’m trying. However, speaking of trying, I had a really trying day at work (see what I did there?). I had packaged up half of my charcoal beef-n-raw zucchini concoction to take to work. But after I got to work, I realized that I stupidly left my food. So that left me alone for eight hours with no food. And on top of that, work turned out to be really fucking stressful, so I succumbed to the siren song of the chocolate muffin. I ate a fucking chocolate muffin, and I started to eat a small bag of Fritos but then I was like, FUCK THESE FRITOS! FRITOS TASTE LIKE SHIT! And I threw those little crunchy assholes in the garbage! And I let out a warrior yell as I did it, but it was a really quiet warrior yell because I was at work and you can’t just warrior yell all the time and expect people to take you seriously as a professional.


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